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Rental period of stay in Japan’s sharehouses

Looking for a short-term apartment? – about the period of stay in sharehouse If you are looking for a short stay apartment to stay for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks (fortnight) or 1 month, it may be difficult to find the right one. Why are there no short-stay apartments (2weeks, fortnightly) in Japan where you can live by the week? The short stay apartment business is a real estate business where people living for a certain period of time by signing a lease contract with the owner. (Shared house business is also included in a real estate business.) On the other hand, accommodations that allow people to stay from one night are a lodging business defined by a law called the 旅館業法 [Ryokan gyohou] “Accommodation Business Law”. In order to operate as a ryokan, hotel, or guesthouse, you must apply for 旅館営業許可 [Ryokan eigyo kyoka] “Accommodation Business license,” and you must comply with detailed regulations such as the number of bathrooms and toilets. Therefore, the cost and time required compared with a sharehouse business. So, in terms of systems and laws, the question is whether it should be considered as “Accommodation business” or “Real estate business” depending on […]


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