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  • 2021-02-03
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Initial fee & monthly expenses for staying in sharehouses

When you move in, you should know in advance about the initial costs and expenses other than the rent. As you can see, by comparing multiple share houses, there are many technical terms related to real estate, and furthermore, the lack of uniformity in these terms can be a problem for many foreigners. In this post, I will explain the Japanese language used when signing up for a share house regarding costs. Initial fees for staying in a shared house 保証金 [ Hoshoukin ] (ほしょうきん) Security deposit : The purpose of the deposit is to cover the cost in case there are rent arrears. A portion of the deposit is deducted to cover the cost of repairs, etc. when you move out. It is generally cheaper than the deposit paid when signing a contract for a regular apartment. 事務手数料 [Jimu Tesu ryo] (じむてすうりょう) Administration fee :  A fee may be charged for drawing up the contract and for preparations until you can move in. It is commonly called 契約手数料 [Keiyaku Tesu ryo] (けいやくてすうりょう) , as well. 前家賃 [Mae yachin] (まえやちん) The first month’s rent :  This must be considered as an initial fee, as you will have to pay the first […]


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